Sunday, 6 January 2019

After she tried her new dress

How Can I not love her?
When my heart isn't really mine.
How Can I not remember her?
When she always stays on my mind.

I can't deny that I have something in my heart,
Though I ain't sure that we would never fall apart.
Life is still gonna be full of risks,
Unless I hope, We wouldn't become the perfect mix.

She might fall in love or not,
There's no guarantee, No matter what.
For what it matters, she means the world to me somehow,
I'd try to keep her intact at any cost now.

She might not be ready yet,
Till then I'm willing to be her pet.
I really hope someday she'll come close,
She'd also realize, I'm the one she chose. 

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

She might be the One

I still sit and wonder, How did I found someone like her?
Calm, Loving and Adorable are the qualities that describe her.
She's the one, I dream all night,
She's transparently visible during daylight.

This new bond is fragile as of now,
I gotta take care,  or I'll loose her anyhow.
Losing out a person like her is a stupid man's deed,
'She is the One' is something to the world I feed.

My words have hurt this beautiful soul,
I am looking for bandage to cover up the hurt hole.
I don't know her well to lit up her mood in a while,
Because she is the one - The reason of my smile!

Hurting her feelings is giving me Pain,
Do you think, I've fallen in love again?

Monday, 25 December 2017

I am your Secret Santa - IIMC Classmate (Good Friend)

Hey Cutiee,
Long time, No see?
Your santa had to go to pee :p
Well, its never too late till the end...
Your Santa has arrived, my little cute friend.

Had to keep you waiting for long,
But the bells were made to do ding dong.
Am I the one who'd deliver you gifts?
Or am I the person to trade in happiness drifts?

Decide what you want to keep forever.
Decide what is the thing, you'd say 'Never'.
I am here to make you smile,
Gotto go million more miles.

All this time, you were in doubt,
Sometimes sweet, sometimes I had to shout.
Do you recognize who am I?
Your secret santa who'd never say you bye.

Thanks to the almighty, he gave me a chance,
I'm your Santa, cheer up and dance.
Bells will ring, minions will chime.....
Knocking your door, Love will always Rhyme.

The gift you're expecting is a lil bit late,
But believe me, something good is being created by fate.
Wait, wait and wait....
Till it's the right time.
Jingle bell, Jingle bell....
Love will always Rhyme.

A Short Birthday Post for Sara

Its been long since I sat to pen down few words,
The cool breeze and the flying free birds.

Isn't it strange, the way we met?
Neither did we talk nor did we chat!
The journey here was all alone,
Before I met you, was just a clone.

You've been the girl who slapped my face,
I didn't even bother or did I chase :'(
I don't know what it takes to be a friend,
But all I know is to stay till end.

Enough of my patience to check my skills,
Wishing you birthday taking chill pills.

Tuesday, 25 April 2017

Why don't You?

Why don't you realize, How much I love you.
Why don't you understand, How much I miss you.
Why don't you notice, How I much love to Hate you,
Why don't you?

Buddies were we, where I messed up things,
Developed the feelings, I started developing wings.
Little did I know, Destiny has to cut it through,
The bond which had newly brewed!

Deep inside - I am burning out,
Jealousy creeps in, arises doubt!
I still wonder How can you smile?
Because I'm affected but why don't you?

Memories flashback when eyelids are flicked,
Though Scary dreams - but your smile is clicked.
Some people try to ruin us - Developing the relations Quick,
But in the flowery emotions, the smell of your presence, I pick!

Everytime we fight, I end up hugging you tight.
Everytime we dance, I end up falling by chance.
Everytime we Cry, I end up loving you more - I pry!
Eternal silence is disrupted - as I think of you,
I expect you to interrupt me - Why don't you?

My hand fumbles writing the last piece of art,
I promise - I won't disturb you - falling apart.
I've loved you deep inside,
Without expectations, I'd leave this magical ride,

Let me end this life soon, 
I wish to see you during the midnight moon.
I've realized sweetheart, I'm in deep love with you,
So, I'm Quiting without bothering 'Why Don't you'

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Unsent Proposal

During the dawn of the nights,
I giggle in my mind, imagining your face bright :)
During the showers of rain,
I feel your hands relieving my pain.

Imagine the sun shining with light,
But the moonlight trancends the romantic nights!
Comparing with every natural object, I admire....
Are you the one who thrills my spine and set my heart on fire ?

In a different way, you meant....
I'm trying hard to find a chant !
To impress you is not the only goal,
Rather to express the feelings buried inside the soul.

On being asked why do I make silly errors ?
My heart answers with a voice in terror.
Some mistakes are made to make her smile :)
To engross into laughter and conversations, that wouldn't end for miles!

Extra-ordinary is what strucks my mind,
How many more rhyming words do I need to find ?
From the next stanza I'd bring the creativity and my skill,
Deep the words, that would pierce your heart as a drill !

Running short of words to express my gratitude,
You're the only one - who has not seen my stubborn attitude.
Admiration, Hopes and Sacrifice are the components of life....
If falls together, the lucky one's get the term called Wife !

Sailing through the different perspectives of varied shores;
Love from heart and the droplets from eyes, my soul pours :/
Expectations are meant to hurt,
I'd rather chill and would be happy to flirt :)

Monday, 14 March 2016

Feelings that matter !

Times when I wished to know...
Who'd be the Girl, to say me "No" !
Randomly I was introduced to a girl,
She was the one, that made me swirl !

The days of glory passed away,
I forgot her, I was Gay !
Soon, it turned out to be epic though,
She texted me, We Begin to grow.

Few days back, we commenced our journey,
I was the client, she be my attorney !
Sharing of dreams - though different apart,
Sailed with emotions in a mutual cart.

Trusting issues she always had,
Hiding them by being Mad !
Sharing secrets of her life past,
She sighed relief - at the last !

Lies mystery behind a wicked smile,
Tears of sorrow - we're bound to pile.
Open up your heart, Cry out loud,
Be it yourself - I'm proud !

Arguments that took us high,
Egos clashing, saying Goodbye.
That made us come even close,
It was my Destiny that you chose.

The meaning of Friendship was taught by you,
Misinterpreting it till date, I never knew !
It doesn't matter how often we talk,
Decades late - Besides you, I'd love to walk.

Never go behind the person you love,
Never let the person go, By whom you're loved !
Tragedy is the life I share,
Noone can even Dare to Care !

I regret now, coming so near,
The punishment now laid a fear !
You took a sacrifice, I respect
Responding to situations, I'd never react !

All that makes my heart so low,
I don't even deserve a friend though !
Still something that sets you apart,
You'll be always special to my heart !

I'm there, ready to face,
More Mysterious Days,
More Difficult phase !

#VD #Dedicated